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Project GATOR

Precision Medical Pilot Project

What is GATOR?

GATOR is an non-invasive integrated knee sensor, with the ability to measure biomechanical data during natural movement. By measuring and analysing this biomechanical data, this promises greater precision and accuracy of diagnosis.


The biomechanical measurements that GATOR collects will be interpreted to form SKODA, an objective score that reflects a patient’s ACL knee health. SKODA stands for Singapore Knee Objective Dynamic Aggregate. It is currently being co-developed with SGH.

Current Stage of Development

Precision Medical has already achieved Proof of Concept. We are currently in the process of integrating top-of-the line technology from Philips in the design and manufacturing of the GATOR Minimum Viable Product.

GATOR's Benefits


By providing objective measurement of knee health, GATOR enhances a surgeon’s diagnostic capabilities. Surgeons can use GATOR to compare the effectiveness of different surgical techniques, allowing them to improve their surgical skills and enhance patient outcomes.



Usage of GATOR throughout the rehabilitation process will enable physiotherapists to  objectively track & monitor a patient’s recovery. Hence, allowing them to customise a patient’s rehabilitation programme



Able to monitor their recovery independent of doctors’ and physiotherapists’ opinions. This increases patient confidence and minimises doubt to optimise peace of mind and recovery.



Dr Lai Kah Weng


MBBS (S’pore), Dip Aviation Med (UK), MRCS (Edinburgh), M.Med (Ortho), FRCS (Edinburgh) (Ortho) Specialty Interest in Arthroscopic Joint and Ligament Reconstruction Surgery, Knee and Hip Replacement and Orthopaedic Trauma

Dr Tan Mian Yi


MBBS (S’pore), MRCS (Edinburgh) Specialty Interest in General Practice and Family Medicine

Russell Wong

Chief Operating Officer

LLB (Honours), National University of Singapore

About Us

Precision Medical

A Singapore based startup founded in 2016 by two Singaporean doctors.

Our mission is to enhance precision in diagnosis and recovery, both within and beyond a clinical setting.

Our vision is to be Asia Pacific’s leader in the development of innovative medical devices and solutions.

We aim to achieve the above through the study of biomechanics - the science of how muscles, bones and ligaments work together to produce movement in a living body.


Our journey begins with our flagship product, GATOR.

Our Partners



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